Honda hr214 resources, repair manual and troubleshooting tips

Here is a list of the best resources that I've found for the honda hr214 and the honda gxv120 engine that powers it. Many of these same resources are good for the honda hr215 and the honda hr194 as well. If you're having trouble with your Honda mower, let us know in the comments and we'll try to help you out!

Honda GXV120 Service manual-This is the service manual for the hr214's engine-in three languages no less!

Honda HR194/HR214 Service Manual Online- CB left us this link in the comments, its the service manual online, for FREE! SWEET!

Honda HR214 Parts diagrams-Actually a link to Planopower, they appear to have a pretty complete list for the hr214

Honda GX Carb cleaning video-How cool is this? Bwdbrn1 posted this on the "my tractor forum"; its a 8 minute video showing how to take apart and clean a honda gxv120 carb!

Honda HR214 Manual-Just a link to e-bay for now; I haven't been able to find the pdfs of the hr214 online yet, but I'll keep looking.

Honda HR214 Owner's Manual-Probably not gonna use this one for a while, least not till this beast is back together!

Honda gxv120 and gxv160 Carb Services checklist-Really nice diagram of what to check for when something is amiss with the Keihin B0E3A carb

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