Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Honda HR214 Manuals, HR194 Manuals, GXV-120 Manuals

So while the machine shop is doing unspeakable things to the honda gxv120, I'm getting my stuff in order so I can start putting the pieces back together when I get the block back.

Honda GXV120 Service manual-This is the service manual for the hr214's engine-in three languages no less!

Honda HR194/HR214 Service Manual Online- CB left us this link in the comments, its the service manual online, for FREE! SWEET!

Honda HR214 Parts diagrams-Actually a link to Planopower, they appear to have a pretty complete list for the hr214

Honda GX Carb cleaning video-How cool is this? Bwdbrn1 posted this on the "my tractor forum"; its a 8 minute video showing how to take apart and clean a honda gxv120 carb!

Honda HR214 Manual-Just a link to e-bay for now; I haven't been able to find the pdfs of the hr214 online yet, but I'll keep looking.

Honda HR214 Owner's Manual-Probably not gonna use this one for a while, least not till this beast is back together!

Honda gxv120 and gxv160 Carb Services checklist-Really nice diagram of what to check for when something is amiss with the Keihin B0E3A carb


  1. Thank you for these. Going to save me a lot of time.

  2. Hey James, no problem. Make sure to come back and let us know how it turns out!

  3. I have an HR214. When I engage the drive on the fast speed, if it's on a slight hill it will sit and make a clicking sound and won't move forward. any idea of how to fix it? The slow speed seems fine.

    1. Clutch not engaging properly. If finally replaced the gear box, now good for another 20 years!

  4. Hey Faraway,

    Good question...I have done zero work on the transmission yet. Have you tried asking at mytractorforum.com yet?

  5. I've posted a high-resolution PDF copy of the 1986 service manual which has been OCR'd for easy searching:

    Presumably Honda won't have any issues with sharing a 27 year old manual! :D

    I'm enjoying your blog, and am also in the process of rebuilding my HR214 due to the smoke issues (mine is much worse than yours). Other than smoking for a full minute at start-up, the motor runs great with lots of power.

    When I popped the head, it was clear that the rings were shot (and most of the cross-hatching was gone), but the bore measures very close to stock spec. I'm pretty sure that a simple hone and rings will do the trick. What a great engine!!

  6. Hey CB,

    Thats awesome! I'm going to edit the post to include that, it would have saved me 35 bucks when I was getting started. I'm still waiting on parts from boats.net, but I think I'm ready to start putting mine back together next weekend. Make sure to keep us updated on your progress...


  7. Hi Jack -

    Thanks for the tip about boats.net. Their prices and shipping costs seem very reasonable. I just ordered a full set of gaskets and seals with Priority Mail shipping (CA is a looong way via FedEx ground from FL). The only "expensive" part was a new main bearing @ $20 (mine had noticeable bumps). But the spark plug was only $2.30! :D

    FYI #1:
    I noticed a little bit of galling on some of the bolts. Nothing too bad, but once it starts in aluminum it can get *much* worse. I use Permatex 80078 Anti-Seize lubricant (~$9 @ Amazon, ASIN B000AAJTXY) which should eliminate any issues.

    FYI #2:
    I use Permatex 81950 assembly lube (~$5 @ Amazon, ASIN: B000HBNVSK) during rebuilds. This prevents damage due to oil starvation during the first start-up.

    FYI #3:
    I've ordered an optical tachometer (~$15 @ Amazon, ASIN: B001N4QY66). This looks like a cool toy that will not only help set-up the idle on the Honda engine, but easily measure furnace blower speed, ceiling fan speed, etc. Basically anything that rotates & will accept a small strip of reflective tape! :D

    Thanks again,


  8. CB,
    How do I access the manual. When I follow the link it just takes me to Google Drive homepage.

  9. Hi Missi -

    I'm not sure what to tell you. :-/

    I've tried accessing this with three different browsers (IE, FF & Chrome) on two different PCs, making sure that I was not logged-in to Google. In all cases, the first page of the manual is displayed...

    To *download* the manual, you have to click on File->Download (or Ctrl+S).

    What browser are you using?



  10. I installed Google Drive and then cut and pasted the link from your message into the search bar as well as straight into IE and it just took me to Google Drive, but then I just followed the link that JackTheMower put at the beginning of the page and in came up! Thanks! We have an HR214 SXA bought new in 1987 and one of the oil seals just went. Not sure what we're going to do with it. Hate to give it up.

  11. Send it to Chris or I ;)

    Seriously, it looks like most of the oil seals I've found on the engine can be services pretty easily...no need for major disassembly. Let us know how it turns out!


  12. I bought a HR214SX when I bought my first house c1983. It's been to the shop twice and has faithfully started every season except this one. (My goal is that this is the ONLY lawnmower I'll ever own.) It'll catch, run for a few seconds, then die. Or it'll catch, run for a minute, then die. Or just barely catch, then quit. Last season there was some surging at idle. I've verified good flow from the gas tank.
    I think the carb trouble-shooting chart is just the ticket; I'll let you know how it goes. Any suggestions on how to disconnect the linkages to the choke and throttle? Also, I notice that the linkages prevent the rotary throttle arm from getting anywhere near minimum (it's still 45 degrees from the adjustment screw!), so I suspect that could be a problem too.

  13. HELP!!! I have a Honda hr194 lawn mower and after its started it stalls right away. I have cleaned the carberator and the gas tank but it's still happening. I've been working on it for three hours.

    1. Exact same problem - did you come across anything useful?

  14. you are THE BOMB! I have been looking high and low for this repair manual for my HR214 and you have great info and videos on this model. THANK YOU SO MUCH! U ROCK! I have had this lawnmower everysince it was brand new (well it was my parents) and it has been a gem! I love it! I am having to replace the transmission cable but dont know what Im doing wrong...but now with all your help...theres hope!! Thanks again!

  15. Thank you for the Service manual....I have some noise during 2-3 seconds coming from the engine or the blade when I engage the roto-blade. Maybe I need to adjust the valve. With this manual, I will save a couple of hundreds $$. :) First time I will do this so not bad at all for a 25 years lawnmower !!!